Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's finally hot!!

Well today was 88 and so we all played hooky from church and went to the water park to use our passes. It was a very close tie between eating pancakes with friends or going to the water park. It's hard, as in this season of life, with our 2 very mobile and active kids, to finish a conversation with people without having to continually track your don't get up on the don't go out the emergency exit!! don't go out into the parking lot!...get my drift...

So water park won.

Morgan is at a great age, she's more comfortable with the water and can do the toddle/preschool slides on by her self, while her tired mommy who is busy making yet another baby :) sits in the shade...yes no tanning for this white girl!! and watches Morgan go up then slide down.

Caden is a bit more work, but usually hangs around our spot. So the water park went well and Andy and I agreed to leave at the same time in advance which means we took only 1 car not 2 to accomodate me who likes to leave rather early and an Andy who likes to stay rather late :)

I'm feeling the need for a Tahoe day soon, but we'll have to wait for some really really hot weather before visiting the jewel.

By the way, this picture is at the Sacramento zoo about 3 weeks ago :)


Danae said...

That's so funny I did the EXACT same thing this morning! And for the same reasons! Only we ended up at the marina, and not the water park.

Jeni said...

I was wondering where you were-- I missed you. But I'm glad that you had a good time! :)

Erica said...

Danae- we were just ready for a summer day!! :)

Jeni- missed you too..see ya soon ;)

noel said...

Wait what? did you just say what I think you said??"while her tired mommy who is busy making yet another baby"
I think you did just say you are preggers with baby
#3 Whoa!!
So happy for you.

The Funny One said...

What an awesome, close family! So cute :) I wish my family was that close. We haven't done ANYTHING like the things your family does in like, ever. We went to Chicago about a year ago.. I think that was it, but we almost died in a tornado on the beach. -.- Good times. :)