Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Looking outside myself

I'm sure it's common knowledge now that I'm pregnant with our 3rd baby. The baby is due end of December/early January. So balancing life has gotten more interesting with being more tired in the morning and morning sickness..

Any huu. I participate in the meals for mommy that our church does for moms that just got home from the hospital or people who could just use a meal due to some form of hardship. The team organized meals for a family just recently that was a co-worker of one of the mom's on the meal team. The family had never come to Hillside but the husband had cancer in the brain that had been taken care of a year ago or so and now it had re-appeared. The husband had to undergo major brain surgery which was the reason our group was delivering meals.

I signed up for a meal and didn't look closely at their home address until of course 10 minutes before I needed to deliver the meal. I was happily surprised to see that this family lived just 1 street down from me. I could easily walk to their house to deliver it. I delivered the meal, or left it on their front door as no one was home. A thought came to me, that I have no clue as to what people live through or are experiencing even people next door to me. Here is a family just down the street that are experiencing alot to say the least and by looking outside of myself for at least 1 hour, I could help complete strangers around me and show them love.

It just really touched me and made me realize how much I need to ask God to help open my eyes to others around me and not be consumed with me and what's happening with me and how me feels and what me is doing today and me is doing tomorrow....too much me

I guess I have a new understanding of the verse "I must decrease so he can increase


Plucky said...

Good thoughts Erica. It is interesting what you discover about neighbors when you take the time to get to no them. Sue and I are very fortunate that we live in a relatively friendly neighborhood where neighbors hang out and visit in their yards and stuff.

Erica said...

thanks, plucky