Tuesday, August 10, 2010

new season

I'm really enjoying this cooler weather. It reminds me that change is in the air. Maybe not just because it's August and a new school year will start and that it will begin to get cold in a month or soo...ok I said it. I feel there is change for the Jones family. Specifically, ( I love when people are specific ;), regarding Andy's job. It will be interesting. We will see.

I almost have a 2 year old. Caden turns 2 on August 18th. I love seeing his personality grow and him express himself more. He's soo different then Morgan in some areas. He is quite a teaser and for this reason I have ventured to guess that boys don't need to be taught to be teasers. Maybe naughty teasers but, just overall trying to get a reaction, they don't need to get taught that.

This pregnancy is going by quickly, but I have enjoying it for the most part. That's easier to say as I'm past the puking stage. Entering now the heartburn stage....oh my

Been finding myself giving to more tendency to worry and become distracted and finding peace in the Bible and thinking about the good things Jesus as for us and actively practicing being grateful. A friend told me, that sometimes she starts to verbally thank Jesus for everything around her when she get's down. For example: thank you Jesus for the sun, thank you Jesus for my car, thank you Jesus that I have food in my fridge. you get the point. I've started to do this when my-self can't see anything to be grateful for.

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