Wednesday, March 3, 2010


So I've totally hit a wall when it comes to thinking of things I could blog about but I'm going to push through..

random things...

Costa Rica seems like a dream of some sort. It was a good dream though! and when I think of how we took 2 young kids under 5 to another country, I'm still wondering 'how'd we do that?'

I do enjoy sick days for an odd reason, more TV can be watched without any hesitation ;)

Caden is such a trooper, even with this stomach flu he still smiles and likes books read to him. Seriously think he is going to be a book worm, more power to him!

Ever say something to someone and they respond with a statement that isn't even close to what you were saying but you can see that they trying to relate to you......nice to have a connection of some sort.

I watch my retired neighbor across the street from us smoke his cigar every morning. Seems relaxing, never have smoked one but seems like there is a enjoyable slowing down process that is involved. He is probably smoking one of the cigars we got him from Costa Rica as a thank you for watching our house. He wife was less then thrilled to say the least. He's in utter bliss it seems

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noel said...

that last bit right there is why I bought Mo a pipe when I was in Europe. It does seem like a luxurious thing for a man to do, like women taking the time to get a pedicure.
It's been great reading your blogs and getting an update on you. Don't know if you get notices to check this but if you do check this far down, just know that I miss you Erica. You are an amazing momma, wife, friend and I am thankful for the time I got to be in your everyday life.