Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thrift Stores and thoughts

Funny growing up, I never really shopped at thrift stores until I met this gal whose family became close friends to my family of origin. This gal had an amazing gift to see the most curvy appealing stuff in thrift stores. She took the time to look through the shelves and other junk and came out with some amazing treasures. I would always ask her, "where'd you get that?" and she would just smile and say the shop. My jaw would drop as I thought, "you found that at a thrift store!"

So I am taking lessons from her and looking carefully through thrift stores and discount stores. I don't HAVE to shop there but the way I think is the less money I spend on household items and food the MORE money I have for vacations! So I'm willing to make the exchange.
I'm thinking about being in Costa Rica at the end of January...Plus I do like finding treasures :)

Me and the kiddos went to a thrift store today and I got Morgan Grave Digger the monster truck. Which is a monster truck that she and Andy went and saw last year at the Reno Livestock Center. 25 cents. ...priceless really though. Made me think of how Jesus takes the time to really look at each person and not in a rush to fix them and then move on. He stays and waits and hopes and encourages and is by my side for the entire journey.


Jeni said...

Thrift stores, clearance racks and garage sales are all I need. Okay, and book stores...

That is awesome that you could find something so precious for Morgan. :)

noel said...

Thrift stores are my absolute favorite kind of shopping. Glad to hear you have converted over.