Saturday, January 23, 2010

March Madness

It's not March yet, but with all the college basketball on TV it made me have a flash back to 7 years ago.

I had just started to date this guy whose dad I worked for (another story for a different blog :). And I would drive to the yellow house that he rented with his housemate Bradon. We would spend time watching college basketball and there was alot on as it was March. My boyfriend's roommate would talk and talk and talk and talk!! All I wanted to say was...shhhh... I'm trying to watch the game and want to talk with my boyfriend!

Me and my boyfriend didn't hang out much with his roommate after that. Sorry Bradon :)

Wow, now we live down the street from that house, it isn't yellow any more :) and have 2 kids and much more life experience. A world has changed but maybe not so much but I know I have grown to love that man more now then I did then


Destro Jones said...

You're the coolest roommate I've ever had by far.

Plucky said...

Oh you guys . . . :-)

I was just telling Sue that I consider you both the epitome of what a family should look like . . . You are truly our heroes in that department . . .

Erica said...

Destro- you too and my only roommate I've had :)

plucky- ooh thanks, Plucky! Life's funner if the kids come along :)