Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So life really isn't fair

I've always had heard that phrase while growing up and of course I would agree and would say how sad it was that life isn't fair. Some where along the way, I'd forgotten this phrase and the whole concept that life isn't what you expect and some things that in fairness should happen don't. I was talking to someone about something they had gone through and the situation they were describing it wasn't.....really wasn't fair! and I was indinant! and said well that's not fair! and she looked at me and her look said..."ah yah!!"

My response was something along the lines of...ooh so life realllly isn't fair. The impact of that statement kinda've hit me anew. I had reverted back to thinking life was fair. How silly of me :)

Thank you Jesus that life isn't fair but sometimes it seems that life would be easier if it was fair. But then I think of how Jesus' gift to us isn't based on fairness and I'm grateful that life isn't fair....

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