Sunday, May 10, 2009

Yes for Sun!!

Finally sun is here!!! I have planted almost all my flowers so no more snowing, Nevada!!

I have been especially tired the last week. By 8 pm, I'm feeling so tired and falling asleep sitting in a chair. I've started to look at my schedule and even the weeks that I'm home for most of the week, the tiredness is still there. Hmm, maybe it's the 2 kids that have so much energy. For example, I literally ran around our small island in the house with Morgan for a 1/2 hour cause she wanted to run/dance to the radio music. I couldn't believe it...she takes twice as many steps as I do and I'm the one out of breath and collapsed on the couch. I also jammed my finger really bad trying to jump like a frog across the house. Is there such a thing as being TOO active with one's kids? I'm deciding to go to bed earlier then usual, and not staying up for American Idol. Oh well, I think I know who's going to win any ways ;). Go away tiredness!

Yesterday a friend came by and offered to run that machine over our lawn that puts the holes in it to air it out. Later that afternoon, Andy was looking out the frontyard and exclaimed "what the heck!" There was large hump that had there grew on our yard. It literally looked like we had buried someone in our yard. Andy is calling it a grass zit cause as soon as he stabbd it with a shovel, water started to gush out. Pretty funny. Glad Andy was able to fix the sprinkler head with minimal effort.

Caden is standing up already. He seems to know that I'm trying to delay his mobile ability. It is funny seeing Morgan crawl around with Caden . She thinks it's funny to act like a baby and he thinks it's great that someone else is crawling like him.


Jay said...

partners in crime- ha!

Jeni said...

You always share the BEST pictures. I love it. And as far as you hopping around like a frog, I would have loved to have seen that... :)

Rosanna said...

No way! We had a lump in our lawn exactly like that one time (when I was still living at my parents, so a long time ago) It was CRAZY... looked just like something was buried there! And Champ barked and barked at it. HA HA It was from a broken sprinkler, but it took us a while to figure that out. Wieeeeeerd!

shontell said...

I LOVE that pic of the two of them. So cute. I feel you about feeling worn out. I still get a little nervous when I get that pregnancy exhaustion lol. It seems like something God would do to me. I am sure you don't have anything to worry about. You really do get a cardio with the more children you have to entertain.

Erica said...

Jay- :) you just gave me a great title for a scrapebook page!

Jeni- I was having way to fun and laughing as hard as Morgan until the jam....oowwww

Rosanna- I could see Champ barking at that. if Andy hadn't been there I probably would have been trying to figure it out for a very long time

Shontell- It could happen to you, Shontell ;) the pregnancy thing. although very unlikely. I have started doing Caden presses and my arms are getting toned man! You must do a marathon practically every week!

Hillary said...

Enjoyed the pictures!

laura said...

you are a good mom erica... you would never find me frog jumping with my kids, I'm one of "those" moms:) my poor kids!