Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sorting it Out

We had a scottish neighbor growing up for a few years of my life and I liked to catch their own unique phrases they use. One of them Jerry (the mom) said quite often. She would tell her 5 year old to "go sort yourself out" or she would tell how she needed a walk a bout to sort herself out.

That's what I felt this past Sunday evening. I was trying to sort out boundaries/acceptance/tolerance/truth with a person in mind. It's easy for me to accept someone is an adult and how they are making decisions affect them. It's just when this adult is going around the same cycle of life and they are asking how their track can intercept your life. Saying no in love is hard but then also balancing that with giving people another chance. So I'm sorting myself out! and maybe I'll go on a walk about while I go sort myself out


Jeni said...

Going for a walk is usually a good way to go sort yourself out. :) Coffee soon?

Erica said...

yes coffee soon! sometime next week