Monday, May 4, 2009

San Fran

This past weekend we went to the bay for a little get away as a family. We had tickets to the giants game which was on Saturday so that was already decided. The weather was mostly rainy and it was an interesting experience walking with 2 kids in the rain. I do have a new appreciation for those pop up covers that are attached to strollers and for rain coats!

It rained the entire weekend EXCEPT during the 6 innings of the baseball game. The sun came out and it was beautiful. Good timing! Right when we were leaving it started to down pour again. Even though it was raining most of the time, we had a great time. We went to the Exploratorium on Friday and had fun watching Morgan explore all the different types of experiments. My personal favorite was the toilet that was a drinking fountain. The point of it was to see how strong a person's emotions where tied to a particular object or the correlation of objects. I was really thirsty though :) plus we went to an old diner for dinner and they had very good milk shakes...yummy! I'll have to remember that place for next time

I really appreciate my husband, other people, and the Holy Spirit in my life.


Destro Jones said...

I appreciate you too. =)

You didn't say that I got a sore throat minutes after drinking from the toilet.

Murdoc said...

Awesome. We have one of those stroller covers. It worked wonders when we went to disneyland.

noel said...

Love the pic of Andy and Morgan. That is one I could see blown up and framed.

Erica said...

Destro- the sore throat went away a couple minutes after that ;)

Murdoc- it almost makes it worth it to fold and pick up that 50 lb stroller each time I put it in the car

Noel- what a great idea!!

Jeni said...

I told you that the umbrella hats were a necessity! :)

shontell said...

How fun! I was a hair away from a get away with the fam, and we remembered we want to stay living in our house, so we paid bills. bah.