Monday, March 16, 2009

Allergies again

My allergies are acting up again. I was telling Andy I don't think they have ever been this bad and then he found an old blog post of mine in March 2008 where I said the exact same thing.

Same allergies just a different year. Next year, I will plan ahead and stock up on allergy meds.

This time of year is hard to get through in my opinion. It's not quite spring but winter is still lingering on. It's still cold but warm though. Let spring come!!

Morgan cannot stop talking about Monster Truck she tells the same story over and over again. It made quite an impression :) Next year, we'll all go.


Plucky said...

Dang it, I almost took both the kids to the monster truck rally . . . Morgan really liked it? It wasn't loud?

Erica said...

She really did like it. I think this tops the Thomas engine show. It was loud but covering her ears with just her hands seemed to work good enough

scoey-d said...

Awesome. My favorite part is Andy digging up last years post about your allergies. That, I believe, is one of the perks about being married to an engineer...

Way to go Destro!