Thursday, February 19, 2009

Potty Training and thoughts

Soo, I've been contemplating trying to potty train Morgan again. The first attempt 3 months ago did not go well and we reverted back to diapers after 2 days as mom was sick and tired of cleaning up poop and pee everywhere! I have been looking for signs to see if she is ready. Morgan's vocabulary has grown alot over the last 3 months and I could tell she was putting cause and effect together better. What was the clencher for me was when she was learning her numbers and put the 2 in the right place in the puzzle. She looked soo proud of her self and exclaimed I did it, I did it!!. ...That's when I decided to go for it.

Off came the diapers and out came the toliet. I decdied to do it cold turkey. She was happy to wear her panties. She peed on the carpet after 10 minutes and looked so surprised! I told her that it was yucko (new word, thanks papa!!) and that she had to keep Thomas the train (on her underwear dry not wet)...Worked like a charm!! She has been telling me when she has to go for over 36 hours and no diapers even at night...Dare I say it!!! I think she did it!!!! Go Morgan!!

OOh We did tell Morgan that in order to go to Little Lites and play with Sadahs (Morgan's word for friends) she had to not wear diapers....Maybe that did it.

On other thoughts, Andy is off tomorrow for 2 nights and 3 days in the Delta with his friends to do his airsoft stuff. I miss him already but I know I can do it...Just one day at a time


scoey-d said...

And THAT is the positive side of a strong willed child...

Erica said...

I like this positive side!!!