Monday, February 2, 2009

Back to Square One and Siblings #2

As you probably figured out, I'm back from Down Under. Great trip and great memories. While I was down there though, Caden was such a tropper. He was carried everywhere and because of how late some of the matches would go, we all wouldn't get to our flat ( rented apartment space) until midnight or 1 am.

Caden would fall asleep on us at the tennis arena but then would wake up when we got home. Prior to going, Caden would fall asleep by himself with minimal crying throughout the night. With our crazy schedule on mommy's vactaion, Caden got use to falling asleep in our arms and not sleeping in his crib.

When I got home that first night, Caden screamed bloody murder for about a good hour in his crib and when we wouldn't pick him up he would scream harder and Andy exclaimed "what did you do to him!" OOH well, in the name of vacation, our lives got re-arranged. Sleepless nights again. it was worth it. So back to square one as far as getting Caden use to sleeping in his own crib and going to sleep by himself.

On a side note, Morgan loves feeding her baby brother she insist on helping mommy each time. Check out Caden's face in the picture above. Andy and I couldn't stop laughing. What would life be without siblings. Maybe simpler in some ways but way more boring

Next Post Sibling#3- Some good and old sibling habits


Destro Jones said...

We are so glad you are both back! WE missed you. Caden is already getting back into his groove no worries. ;)

Plucky said...

Nice save Andy . . . ;-)

scoey-d said...

...kick save & a BEAUT!

noel said...

Caden looks scared to death. Like Morgan might just shove that spoon right down his throat.

Erica said...

Destro Jones- love you :)

Plucky and Scoey-d: Andy is great at saving

Noel: Morgan actually was putting the whole spoon into Caden's mouth and making him gage. I quickly showed morgan she only needs to put the tip in ;)