Monday, December 15, 2008

Weeks Highlights

I'm thoroughly enjoying the snow today. Mostly because I'm inside and have had only had to drive in it once.

As soon as Morgan saw the snow covering her outside slide she exclaimed "oh no my slide" and ran and got a napkin out of the kitchen drawer and I let her outside where she tried to wipe the snow off her slide. This lasted 5 seconds until the extreme cold sank in. If only snow could be removed that easily.

Caden has quite a grip and hasn't learned how to release his hands as fast as he graps on to something. While I was changing him he discovered that there are areas down there that really hurt if you pull on them!! I felt really bad for him seeing the shock in his eyes and as he was screaming his head off and didn't know how to let go :(

Sunday morning's speech Louie gave was very refreshing and made me glad we didn't play hookie that morning ;)

Most memorable was the high note Morgan was able to reach when she was screaming when Andy was taking her out of the sanctuary this past Sunday. I just chuckle and smile rather then cry now.


Jeni said...

Poor Caden... That does not sound pleasant. And snow... GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR...

Erica said...

I take it you are not a fan of the snow? I enjoy the snow more when I'm inside but it is fun to play in at times :)

Louie D Locke said...

That sound is one of my favorites - though you may laugh/cry when you hear it, it truly is music to my ears.

I love her personality, & the fact that you know EXACTLY how she feels about the situation she is in at that moment. Priceless.

Erica said...

I guess it is better knowing what she is feeling then not. I never thought of it that way. Next time we won't clamp our hands over her mouth ;)