Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sick Doggie

Our dog is sick :(. She turns 11 next year and besides arthritis in her back legs which cause her to limp and has earned her the name tripod, she has been a pretty healthy dog.

Till Friday, since then she hasn't wanted to eat, barely drink, and not move from where-ever she is. She moans when she moves and is pretty listless. So, Andy and I took her to the vet today and their doing some test as I type. During the physical exam the vet said that her pulse is weak and that her heart doesn't sound as strong as it should. . I'm cautiously optimistic that this is an acute illness as it came on her so fast and isn't something chronic. I'm probably in denial though. The question with an older dog is how much do you want to do to prolong her life.

As Morgan would say...poor rah rah


laura said...

I am sorry to hear this:( As much as we complain about our dogs, and can't wait for them to move on from this earth, when it actually comes down to it, we love them.

Jeni said...

Your poor dog. I'm sorry that she's not well.

Rosanna said...

Aw, poor Brooks! It's never fun to have a sick animal, especially when they're older. :(

Jason said...