Friday, May 16, 2008

Random Thoughts

I love this weather, thank you God, that spring has come! The change of season is good to see, but spring after a long winter is sweet!

Hubby is going off with his rambo friends to do a 24 hour recon today. For normal people, that means staying up for 24 hours and doing missions/projects with a group.

For me, after working night shift for awhile, the mystery of staying up all night is forever gone. But I'm glad he is having fun.

Yesterday was our last small group for this semester. next semester I won't have my fearless co-leader/friend with me. it will just be me heading this group next semester. I'm glad that she is heading into a new season of life although she will be missed :)

Morgan will be two in a few weeks. Two years has gone by very fast and I have enjoyed almost every minute ;)


digapigmy said...

i was here

laura said...

thoughts back...
I love spring, not quite ready for this summer weather.

I have been thinking of just doing 1 or 2 night shifts a week instead of days... do you think I am crazy?

You are already an awesome group leader, and I know you will bless so many more women next year!!! I was so blessed to be a part of your group in the past.

Just wait until the second one arrives, time starts passing double time.

Jeni said...

I like cold weather better because then I can wear sweaters which hide SOOOOO much more. Then I again, I like hot weather better because I enjoy sitting in the sun listening to the birds sing and drinking icy cold beverages. But it's easier for me to get warm when it's cold than it is to cool down when it's hot, so what does that mean.

I'm glad that the small group is doing well!

Erica said...

Laura- 1 or 2 night shifts..I assume this is at your first place of employment. I enjoyed working night shift and it was the only way I survived working at a nursing home for 1 year.

Positive side- if work nights are in a row it's more bearable and the pay differential is nice.

Negative side- being a zoombe (sp?) during the following day and not quite feeling ever rested.

Those are just my thoughts. Whatever the choice, you're walking this employment stuff out well :)

Hey Jeni, my comment will be way to long ;) I'll tell you at the wine walk

laura said...

actually, i am done with the nursing home scene. i am thinking more along the lines of a hospital.

Jeni said...

Thanks for the fun afternoon in the summer-like weather! I may post the pictures on my blog later... :)

Erica said...

Jeni- I had fun to, it was relaxing