Monday, May 26, 2008

Huge Success

The garage sale was a big success. It was surprising as it was raining most of the morning and was dreary and cold. Of course people arrived before our time of opening. It amazed both Andy and I what junk, yes junk, some people buy. Of course their choice to buy it. For example, Andy was selling a old overhead projector, like the kind they use to use for worship at church where you had to stand and switch out the transparent lyrics, this lady bought it. She had no idea what it was or it's purpose or the name of it and was asking Andy how to use it and what it was for. Still bought it. OK whatever floats your boat.

Another surprise buy was the ladies who bought my old scrubs I wore when I worked in the hospital. Of course they've been washed but all I could think of when the ladies where talking about how they love to wear scrubs is what had been spilled or dropped or thrown up on get my point. Laura, go for new scrubs ;)

There was surprisingly not much haggling and I hope I gave everyone the right cash back. Our garage looks empty! which is great. It's the cleanest its ever looked. We'll see how long that lasts but for now we'll enjoy it.

With the money we got Morgan a fish tank that she thinks is the coolest ever.


laura said...

wow... that is a pretty cool fish tank for a 2 year old!
i have to admit, i have some old scrubs from my mom... oh well, new scrubs get all that nasty stuff on them eventually. i just come home and immediately throw them in the wash and disinfect myself.

Erica said...

Laura- Andy goes big with any fish tank he has. disinfectant is our friend and so is our immune system :)

TPluckyT said...

I've never owned a fish tank but have always wanted one . . . Thanks for the inspiration . . .I'll have to give this some thought and check with the boss . . .