Friday, May 23, 2008

Garage Sale

In order to make more room in our house for baby boy, we are having a garage sale this Saturday. So this week, we've been clearing out closets, boxes underneath beds, and discovering how much stuff one collects. Andy and I have an agreement, we obviously can't keep everything that we use to own so we each can keep a few select items and the rest, even if it's difficult, we will part with them.

Isn't it amazing, you haven't seen or even thought about an object in years and yet the moment it comes to part with it, it's ''ooh no! I could use that!" and back it goes into the space it was until next year when the same conversation takes place.

I heard a organizer specialist (if there is such a job) say people keep unused stuff for two excuses ( and yes they are excuses) 1-what IF I might need it one day and 2-sentimental attachments.

We may not have a huge turn out tomorrow due to the lovely spring Nevada weather...we'll see, drop by if you want more junk/stuff :)


Jeni said...

Will there be any books? He he he!

Destro Jones said...

Great success!

scoey-d said...

For me, its just the sentiment - I know WHO used it & WHEN they did.

Like Joey's "Sprockets" outfit from when he was 2 - complete with Black thick soled Euro shoes, black pants, & black turtleneck.. sigh.

Erica said...

Jeni- there was books :). The big sellers were Andy's hardcover star war books and surprisingly my nursing school books.

Destro- love you :)

Socey-d: maybe those shoes/ outfit will make the cut to avoid the trash/recycle bin.