Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Walking in the Truth

Two Directors ago at my current place of employment, we had a director that held a meeting for all the nurses due to high frusteration regarding the computer systems and all the changes. She was sympathetic to the nurses who were 'advanced in years' ;) and shared how the new computer terms were like sometimes talking in Greek, especially to those advanced in years. Like, reboot the computer. "does that mean kick the computer w/ a boot?" You get my point

I think Christians do the same thing w/ our list of 'Christian' terms. Sometimes I don't even know how to apply terms or words that have become common to me. I've been struggling with the term-how to walk in the truth. How does one walk in the truth? It brings to mind a picture of the book Pilgrims progress...or maybe Dorothy on the Wizard of Oz following the yellow brick road. How do you walk in the truth? I guess truth is in God's Word, therefore walking in the truth means actually following God's word. I think it is following God's word mentally, in our thoughts. Not choosing to go down those mental negative paths and redirecting one's thoughts to what Gods truths are.

Maybe a more accurate phrase would be thinking the truth. Just a guess

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