Saturday, December 29, 2007

good times

Christmas was good. Our family had a good time and we had alot of chilling time which was nice. Andy and I decided to go to Sacramento on 12/26 to break up the routine and show our daughter the zoo. Since she is making mooo sounds at every large animal.

We got to the zoo and where there about 10 mins when we couldn't find our camera and Andy rushed back to the last place a picture was taken which was only 5 min past. Alas the camera was gone :( That was a bummer and my poor hubby spent the next hour running around to the lost and found and searching under every possible conceivable place for a camera to fall. So the trip to the zoo was a bit bummed but we tried to not let it cause the whole trip to go bad. The next morning outside of our hotel the street was closed and lined with a whole bunch I mean a whole bunch of police cars.

It turned out a police man was shot down the previous week and it was the funeral. Every single police person in the whole city was out in full uniform. We stopped to watch the casket drive by and Morgan thought it was soo funny and was clapping and explanation that this was a serious event fell on happy ears. At least someone was having a good time. It was a good trip all in all.


TPluckyT said...

I read "it was a good trip after all" and laughed out loud at the hilarious irreverency. Then I reread what you actually wrote, "all in all."

Oh, well . . . maybe next time . . . :-)

And that is a shame about your camera.

laura said...

That's too bad about your camera :(
I am such a weenie, after that xmas day attack at the SF Zoo, I won't be going to any zoo for a while. I know it was a freak accident, but still...

Jeni said...

Poor camera... Perhaps the tigers got to it...

(How was that for irreverent, plucky?)

I'm glad to hear that at the very least Morgan enjoyed herself!

Erica said...

Tim-thanks for the condolences
Laura-I was eying the tiger fences while I was there. Ooh my hubby just corrected me, the tiger wall

thanks Jeni, I thought about all the other more precious things we could have lost, like our daughter! and then I thought about our wallets and the hassle of going through that. I'll take camera over those any day