Saturday, December 22, 2007

Proud of Hubby

It's Saturday morning, and as I'm typing this I'm sitting on the heater cause it's freezing!

Just wanted to give a shout out to my hubby in writing to tell him he's a great guy.

Currently, as I type, he is helping a friend of ours move. Now mind you, this is not a normal weekend occurrence. Out of the 2 of us, I'm the one usually volunteering our time and giving away our furniture to the dismay of my husband! I'm trying to be better. This little moving task was my husbands own volunteering, that's why I'm proud of him. His love language is not acts of service and when he told me that he offered to help this friend move on Saturday, I said 'gosh that sounds like something I would do, proud of you, babe, to help this guy out.'

It's not easy for my husband to give up his weekend free time so this act of service moves my heart

Go Andy!
and p.s. please don't hurt your back while lifting furniture!


Jeni said...

Yay, Andy!

It was good to see you back at church today. After all, it is always good to see you. I hope you have a great Christmas!

Erica said...

good to see you to, Jeni. I enjoy our conversations on Sundays

scoey-d said...

Hmmm. Andy rocks. And Morgan "moos". Go Joneses!