Friday, November 13, 2009


So, if you didn't know, I love biographies. I like to read about people who do things that interest me. Currenlty I'm reading Andre Agassi's new book Open. Very interesting. I think it's appealing cause I have followed his career and watched him on TV and listened to him commentate several times.

What the outside actions and appearances don't show is surprising. He mentions matches in the book that I recall seeing and he writes about how he was struggling physically/mentally/emotionally, almost to a complete break down. Could never tell by watching the match. Makes me think about how God looks on the inside and us people look on the outside. How misleading that can be!!

I always wanted to be telepahtic (be able to sense what other people are feeling/thinking). This past few weeks, I have heard of people I know who are going throw really really tough life situations. My heart aches for them. Ino more want to be like Diane Troy (on next generation Star Trek, anymore. That would be a burden to carry probably to much for my fragile psych :)...So...grateful for something funny

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