Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Random Thoughts

I'm so glad that our weather is moving closer to spring even though we still have some relapses into winter

I never thought signing up for swimming classes could be so tough. I swear the pool does not want to make it easy for parents to sign up. example

"can I sign up for the Tuesday/Thursday class?"

"we canceled our tuesday/ thursday classes because there were not enough kids"

"can I sign up for the monday/wednesday class?"

"well, you'll have to be put on a waiting list for that one"

Where is the logic in that

Although more then the majority of the time, Andy's boss is very crude and rude, he does have some funny moments. Andy told him that there were 2 bums peeing on the building outside and his remark was "good for them, saving water and going green."


Plucky said...

Andy's boss reminds me of my boss on both counts . . .

Destro Jones said...

Just a good'ol boy. Ain't meaning no harm. Own's and lives on a pig farm.

Jeni said...

Hmmm... Interesting story to tell after talking about the pool-- where needless to say, many kids are sure to pee...

Erica said...

Plucky- what's it with those types of personalities getting to be the bosses?

Destro- that's a song isn't it? from the dukes of hazards? I'm clever ;)

Jeni- You crack me up. I never thought of the connection :)