Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Things I do not like

I can saw with all honestly. I have a great dislike for these things

political phone calls that wake me up from sleeping

a rug that looks like it hasn't seen a vacuumed in months 1 hour after I vacuumed it

stubbing my toe countless times on the same spot

when Andy doesn't have a good day at work

the dust and hair cloud that fills the air when our dog shakes

stepping in dog crap while I'm picking it up

playing phone tag

seeing my daughters feelings get hurt

getting heartburn even though I'm not pregnant


Jeni said...

Things I like:
Reading my friends' blogs.
Having coffee with my friends.
Having coffee while reading my friends' blogs.

TPluckyT said...

I hear ya' sista . . . Well, except for the "Andy" thing . . . His bad work days just don't bother me that much . . .

laura said...

Do you feel better getting that off your chest???

Erica said...

Jeni- I like those too!. This could also be a possible like for you. Looking at cows from my kitchen window :)

Tpluckyt- you get heartburn then too, Tim when you're not pregnant?..it's a pain isn't it ;)

Laura- I do..next one will be about what I like

Hillary said...

I hear you too!

digapigmy said...

i hate it when my kids get their feelings hurt too. it might be the worst thing that we have to endure as parents.

Rosanna said...

oops. I have been the cause of dislike for you. Phone tag sucks, yep.

Jason said...

good to learn some things about you.

noel said...

stepping in crap while you are picking it up has got to be the worst, arrghh!!!