Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall Time and Thoughts

I love fall, the crisp cool air and warm afternoons

I think for probably one of the first times in my life, I am very content in where I am living. This is very literal as I always dreamed of 'living' someplace else rather then my place of birth, but recently, I am being more content where I am and dare I say it 'grateful.' And when someone asks me if I'm from around here I hold my head up high and say yes I was born here instead of sheepishly saying yah, still here :)

I'm very grateful for the people that are in Andy and my life.

We went to a great buffet dinner for my hubbies birthday and I had trouble believing that the gaming community is suffering from the economy. The line for the buffet was out the door and down the hall. The amount of 100 dollar pills slapped down was amazing. Maybe our economy is not in recession but is just leveling out.

I love when my children smile and the excitement they find in the little things

I have been really missing my sister lately. Sad that she won't be coming home for the holidays. Emails just don't do justice. Australia seems like another planet right about now.


Jeni said...

See, the thing about the buffet is that people can stuff food into their purses to take home so that they don't have to go shopping...

He he he.

"Honey, why is there lint in my potatoes?"

Destro Jones said...
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Erica said...

I wrote my comment using the wrong account

LOL, Jeni, you make me laugh. Next time I could stuff food down in Caden's car seat! or my diaper bag ;)

noel said...

that first pic of Caden is so great. really what a cute lil guy. it's good to be content about where you live and where you are from. i am not there yet. i still think i want to get out of here but then i do love our 4 seasons immensely.

Erica said...

Noel, believe me I go back and forth. But then hearing from other friends that have moved away and miss here makes me see this place kinda've in a new light....we can always travel though! :)

Destro Jones said...

It's awesome how the intent content firewall at my work now categorizes the blog pictures of my family as "pornography". Blocks them from downloading and throws up this big old blue screen of death warning. >:(

I feel so dirty.

jami said...

contentment is good. i am glad things are going well for you.

Rosanna said...

Reno IS indeed a great place to live and raise a family! I miss it, but it wasn't until I moved away (FAR away) that I realized what a nice town and gorgeous setting Reno is... and what a huge blessing it is to be within driving distance from BOTH your families. I'm sure it brings its own troubles, but living near both sets of grandparents is something I know I'll only wish for my (future) kids. So treasure it. ;)

Thanks for my birthday card, by the way! Love you loads and loads. :)