Wednesday, October 24, 2007

plugging along

The last few days, I've really had to struggle to keep a good attitude at work and at home. The reason? Can't think of one in particular, just feeling out of sorts. Little things getting under my skin and at the same time wishing I didn't have to contemplate those little things so deeply, BUT moving forward....oh side note, this is my director's new phrase everything is 'moving forward'...lots of computer problems that are frustrating but ''moving forward.' We know that will increase your work load by having do these things but 'moving forward.' Yesterday I just
wanted to say 'you know what, I want to sit here in the mud thank you!'

On a joyful note, I'm having fun teaching my daughter how to shriek like a true girl when she is being chased down the hall. My husband can now enjoy the screams of 2 girls. The three of us make this face to each other when we're idea where my daughter picked this up but it sure is good for laughs.


TPluckyT said...

Pretty soon your boss will segue into thinking outside the box, synergistic partnerships, action items, learnings, best practices, harvesting low-hanging fruit, etc, etc . . .

At our company, we like to grow our own low-hanging fruit for the next guy . .

Jeni said...

Oh! Don't forget "commitment to excellence".

On another note, that face seems to perfectly express how you feel about the changes at your job! :)

Erica said...

Tim- Thanks for the preview in what I have to look forward to :)..low-hanging fruit and harvest, what are we employees or farmers
Jeni- that's exactly how I feel. Morgan shows it much cutter then I could