Friday, May 7, 2010

Our NoooWeez

So our family did it.. We finally got a pet. We had been debating about dog or cat or cat or dog. We picked a cat cause we could leave a cat in the house for a weekend and have the damage of a cat would be less then a dog. So even with a possibility of Andy being allergic to one. We set out!

The Humane Society was having a special last weekend. 10$ for a pet and they come with shots and no baby making machines. So we decided to 'look' ..Well we told the kids we were looking cause we were planning on getting one bust just incase we couldn't find the right one ;)

The Humane Society building was actually very new and fresh with lots of natural lighting. and Lots and lots...I mean lots of cats. Cats were in the hall way in cages stacked neatly. Other cats were in large rooms that had TVs on with fountains and large food basins. Only some cat rooms smelled though, but the majority was very clean. There were just so many cats. A bit of a daunting task. I came with my list of requirements of course :)

1. Cat HAD to be short haired. This for Andy's and for shedding purposes
2. Cat had to be o the smaller side. As we both didn't want a walking 20 pounder
3. Cat HAD to be good with kids. Not scared or overly aggressive.

So after maybe a 1/2 hour of looking around. I spotted a tiny black kitty in one of the cages with another cat. The kitty seemed very energetic. So we asked to meet the kitty and it was brought into one of the meeting rooms with us. It loved the kids and loved playing with the little cords they'd drag along the floor. It wasn't even scared by my Caden who was so enthusiastic to play with it, he would smack the kitty with the toy :)

Kitty found. He fit everything we were looking for. He's small, weights just about 5 lbs and he's 8 months old so he won't get much bigger, short haired, and loves to play with kids great! So we took our cat home and named it Noowheez...that's how to say it. The story behind that is that is what Morgan first called all cats when she was learning how to talk.

Welcome to our home Noweez


Jeni said...

Awwww!!! So, how have Andy's allergies been doing with NoooWeez then? I'm actually allergic to cats, but I have adapted and now only long-haired cats really bother me... :)

Destro Jones said...

I haven't had a flair up in a long time and have had liberal exposure to Mistar NooWeez. :)