Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The thing most that I will miss if we ever move is our neighbors across the street. The man has been retired for over 10 years and he and his wife have lived in the same house for 45 years. They raised their three kids in a house just about 1000 square feet. That encourages me :).

Anyway, the other day the man, Carl gave us 3 trout that he had caught so that we could eat them...yummy? The first thought that came into my mind was...whole fish head, tail, and everything? Fortunately, to my relief Carl had taken the guts out ( is the official word, digutting?). and he said pan fried they tasted best. So we did and the fish turned out great! Trying not to stare at the eye the whole time was challenging and Andy did enjoy chasing Morgan around with just the head...but it was yummy.

Here's to fresh caught trout! Almost makes me want to take up fishing...almost


laura said...

I love how you have an endless supply of blackmail photos of Morgan!

noel said...

where are you neighbors moving and why?
fish - yuck!!

Erica said...

Laura- I should remember that when she is a teenager ;)

Noel- our neighbors aren't moving but eventually we will move (don't know when, in the way distant future) and I'll miss them...even the fish ;)

Jeni said...

Ha ha ha. That is just mean- chasing Morgan around with a fish head. But I imagine that it would have been hilarious to watch. You should get these things on video...