Thursday, April 24, 2008

Not so Fun Day

Our master toliet is permanently plugged. For a few days there have been bubbles coming up randomly and then today after no ones, I repeat NO ONE's fault ;) it was unpluggable.

I have to say there is nothing quite so sexy as to see your husband stick his entire arm into the dreaded hole! At least there wasn't any overflow onto the floor after multiple multiple un-plugging attempts. What in the world. Maybe it's a toy...ha ha.

I have never been quite so thankful as I am now that Andy works with plumbers and has reasonable easy access to services. Hopefully this will be moderately dollarless and quickly resolved!


laura said...

whats with all the potty talk here on the blogs??? anyway, you have a MAN in your house, thats for sure!
while we are on the topic...question for you... why are old people so obsessed with BMs?

Jeni said...

I was just about to make the EXACT same comment as Laura (about all the potty talk...) Sorry about the toilet.

And Laura: Old people are not obsessed only with BMs but also with ED. They have no qualms talking about those things that most people would consider somewhat embarrassing.

laura said...

jeni- i haven't heard much ED talk in the nursing home... yet. but, there is a group of ladies that sit and discuss whether they got a stool softener or not at their table in the dining room, and loud enough for me to hear on the other side of the room. there is another man that goes from nurse to nurse requesting milk of magnesia... like some people hop doctors and pharmacies for pain pills. weird. another man was insisting on a suppository in the middle of us delivering breakfast trays.

Erica said...

The toliet issue did get resolved....thank God, although we couldn't use water for the whole day!

It must be this thing that elderly people have. You know how young people talk about friends, old people talk about BMs and obsess about how regular they are. And it's not just in the nursing home, at the doctor's office they would do the same thing. If I wanted to know I'd ask ;). A suppository in the middle of breakfast what a pleasant thought to go with your eggs

Jeni said...

I get it all. BMs, ED, crusty looking infections. Old people apparently feel that it is necessary for their insurance company to know every detail of their condition in order to tell them if a colonoscopy requires authorization or if their benefits cover viagra.

scoey-d said...

It is always someones fault. Always. It is never no ones fault. When in doubt, blame self.