Saturday, November 10, 2007

Old Habits

Don't you remember the way you use to act during your teenage years or very early adolescents? I can. I remember being annoyed easily and being annoying to others I'm sure. So remembering it makes it seem that it was a very long time ago.. BUT I'm horrified to learn that around certain people (mainly siblings) I resort to those same stupid senseless ways of acting. It just oozes out of me and I come away feeling like that all those lessons I've learned that have helped me change and be the person I am today (hopefully more like Christ but some days are up for debate) are non-existent.

That's frustrating to no end. I'm beginning to understand why, holidays although wonderful at times, can be stressful mainly due to more extended family being around. No wonder people eat so much, it helps relieve their churning stomachs! This idea was mentioned to several of my co-workers and I've seen smiles out of people who I thought were statues and didn't know how to smile...So I guess I'm not alone :)


Jeni said...

Why did you have to go and post that picture? It looks so tasty... I just barely managed to catch myself before I started licking my computer monitor!
Ha ha!

I know what you mean about behaving in a way that isn't really you when you're around family. My dad's side is a bit crude and it is so much work to not just jump right in. Sometimes I don't catch myself and then I'm frustrated because I shouldn't be that way. Ugh!

Erica said...

Jeni-LOL, it's preparing you for thanksgiving. Get those saliva glands going, lick away!

That's exactly what I'm talking about Jeni, stuff just comes out of your mouth that you wouldn't say unless of course you were around your family. Family really does see the best and worse side of me. My husband now knows what I can dare say around my siblings and he cautions me with an ever so kind "Erica, be nice."